Easy Exit Listing Guarantee

The decision to list your home is a big one.  It means you are trusting your Realtor to keep all of the promises they made to you.  Most of all, to get your home sold AND to make sure you don’t regret your decision.

What’s your biggest fear when signing a listing or buyer agency agreement with a real estate agent?

You worry about being locked into a lengthy agreement with a less than competent real estate agent causing you to miss valuable market time.

I want to take the risk and fear out of listing your home or hiring a buyer’s agent.  I want to earn your business.  And earning your business isn’t a one-time thing, it’s a constant, daily exercise.

That’s why I have an Easy Exit Listing Guarantee.

I guarantee that if you aren’t completely satisfied with our services, you have the right to cancel our listing agreement contract by giving 3 days written notice.

I’ve seen too many sellers who have been held hostage by other real estate agents that have locked them into long contracts that they wanted to get out of.  The good news is that I only do short-term 90-day contracts with my clients.  This keeps me motivated to get your home sold and keeps the client motivated.  If I can’t sell your home in 90 days, then I’m doing something wrong.

I promise to keep earning your business, every single day.  Giving you the service you deserve, the attention you need and the results I promised you when we first met.  If ever there is a problem when you’re working with me, I’ll do everything I can to fix it.  If not, then I’ll release you from your contract.